Samba Drumming and too much of the ‘Devils water’

Benidorm 1I run Big Beat Team Building and was encouraged to write down the encounters I had experienced over the years

There was this one time when the whole group turned up after dinner with unlimited free drinks! I won’t name and shame but suffice to say they were not shy in using all the facilities offered to them!

So by the time they reached me, half and hour late, it quickly materialised that this was going to be more like crowd control than teaching a respectful corporate organisation the art of Brazilian drumming.

It’s amazing how alcohol reduces one, no matter their public standing, to a blubbering over confident lout.

What was I to do I’m being paid good money to deliver a drumming event and what I have in front of me is a collective of drunks.  Imagine a stag do bumping into a hen party then giving them a big drum to hit, well I’ll leave that one to you.

Thug with a drum.

They were loving it and none the wiser to how bad they sounded of course I never let on to the fact they sounded like a post apocalyptic group with the music abilities of a bale of straw.

Lesson learned; to take everything in ones stride and think of the money!

It was fun once I’d gotten over the stress and a valuable lesson learned one to use for the future. And afterwards I had a quick beverage with them (yes they kept on drinking) they were very apologetic to their behaviour and I suspect a little embarrassed.

No one finds me funny!!!

The geek session I ran years ago, not that  funny really just unsettling.

A pretty straightforward brief really: 20 guys Samba team building session; 1 hour.

I always like to use humour to deliver my sessions, most find it humorous even if it is light relief from learning the rhythms.  Again I wont name and shame but suffice to say they were the complete opposite of the above inebriated group. These guys were game testers, introverts and probably really intelligent; good hand-eye coordination and quick to learn. Which they did very quickly, stony faced and no sense of humour well none that they showed me. Now being an extrovert with a performing background I need response, feedback even if it’s a chuckle here and there………nothing not even a smile.

I was unnerved and soon wished I was out of there. This was like teaching ‘The Hills Have Eyes‘ Samba! At least they didn’t want to eat me!  I think they enjoyed it just didn’t show it.

Again a valuable lesson learnt. And one I’ve remembered time and time again that introverts don’t always show their feelings and extroverts don’t always need recognition for a successful outcome.

Watch this space for more humorous or non humorous stories.


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